4 things not to say in a lesbian relationship

Unlike any other relationships lesbian relationships are pretty sensitive hence; you may have to treat your partner with great care and love. The bonding grows only when both the partners completely understand each other and there is mutual love between the two.

Despite a lot of affection and love there could be misunderstandings as well. These things would be taken care when you read free lesbian ebooks.  There are certain things that these lesbian novels would explain in depth about the relationship. Mentioned below are the four important things that should never be done in a lesbian relationship.

  • I hate you

No matter whatever happens between the two of you, usage of words like Hate and dislike should never be used because these words are highly negative and can cause a drift in the relationship. These words may seem pretty simple but the impact it has can be very huge.

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  • I don’t trust you

Trust is another important factor that is a major player when it comes to any relationship. You need to remember never to bring up the word “trust”, until it is absolutely needed. The moment the words, ‘I don’t trust you’ is uttered; there could be a huge chance of break-up of the relationship. Hence, keep yourselves away from uttering such words.

  • I will not talk to you

Communication exists in order to solve the differences between people and these things can be understood when you read the gay romance novels.  If there is an air between the two partners, it is recommended to sort them out through effective communication instead of remaining quiet.

  • You are a cheat

Everyone tends to cheat, but is again good to sort things out when there are mutual clashes instead of using harsh words. These words carry a lot of weight and can mean a lot to the other person.