Consulting Industry – An unanswered Question for Business Growth

Flaws in growing Consulting industry

Consulting industry is prone to motivated trouble of technology and there are factors responsible for this drawback. The primary fault in most consulting is that they trust humans as the basic source of information, research, analysis, and continuing with the consulting process. The industry progresses at a rapid pace, but the research reports, analysis and strategic plans submitted to the clients have time-restricted values and by the time plan is received by the client, new emerging trends reduce its significance against new issues and unforeseen circumstances that arise in the course of time. The consulting industry has its own ethics that restricts the disclosure of models, tools, and templates of consulting business as their intellectual capital and the clients can’t have the benefits of applying best practices on their own. Finally, the consulting costs are very high in terms of manpower and it is not feasible for most businesses to continue with the consulting for a long time.

A short consulting with experienced consultant

Consulting is useful if restricted to specific issues that can’t be handled due to lack of experience in the industry. Hiring a consultant with enough experience in the same industry for strategic planning is a good option. The example of Abraham Zaiderman is appropriate to refer in this context. He is in consulting business and helping hardworking restaurant owners with his experience in the restaurant industry. Abraham Zaiderman faced mismanagement in the restaurant industry that caused a huge set back in business resulting in bankruptcy. This was enough inspiration to find a new solution.


It is obvious that a business can have a setback with wrong practices than to grow with right practices. The success of a business is based on the strategies that can be learned from the experience. That is the principle of consulting to advise with the experience that a consultant had from the industry ever before.