Dental Filling Options to Treat Cavities

Beyond the traditional metal fillings, there are many dental filling options available with theĀ pediatric dentist mobile al with other dentistsfor treating the cavities or caries that is developed when the plaque spoils the enamel of the teeth. As soon as possible, they have to be treated otherwise they progress and affects the tissue of the teeth which leads to the loss of the teeth and damage of nerve. For this, dental filling procedure is followed which includes putting the special material in the teeth for protecting it from decay or further damage. Some of the dental filling options available for treating the caries include the following.

Various Dental Filling Options

  1. Composite Fillings: It is a tooth colored material which is made of quartz or glass and resin. They are more of natural looking and durable too. These fillings cost more than that of the amalgam fillings and they can get stained over time.

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  1. Amalgam Fillings: These fillings are used by the dentists to fill in the tooth cavities over several yearsand even today it is being used as the best option for dental filling. They are silver in color and are not as good as fillings that are in tooth color for usage in the front of the mouth.
  2. Resin Ionomer Fillings: Resin ionomer fillings are natural looking dental fillings which are made of glass and acrylic filler. They are generally used in filling the small cavities on the teeth surface or in between the teeth.
  3. Custom Made Dental Fillings: Sometimes dentists will make the filling in their laboratory using a special mold of the teeth which includes custom made inlay which is filled in the portion of the teeth that is removed in addition to the crown which will cover the sides as well as top of the teeth.

All these are some of themobile bay dental filling options available for filling the cavities and the people can choose any of these for treating their cavities.