Diophy Singapore Bringing In The Comeback Bags Of 2017

Research suggests that an average woman has at least 15 bags; and at least 7 different handbags.We all might be a prey to the fashion industry forcing us to buy more “in fashion” junk, but we love it. To make these bags affordable sites like diophysingaporeare hereat reasonable rates.

Bags making comebacks:

  • Fanny packs

These bum bags were a major fashion disaster. Anyone spotted with them were ridiculed for the pathetic structure and unattractive body.

This is the case no more. The fanny packs are back in the fashion world and that too with a major bang. With top designers prodding them out on the fashion shows and celebrities stepping out with them, the bags are becoming a huge hit all around the world already.


diophy bags



  • Mini bag packs

Were they not super cute? Now, these bags are available in your nearest stores to be pranced around with. Mini bag packs in various animal prints were a major hit in the late 90s and early 2000s. The bag packs were a massive hit being portrayed at movies, animations, music videos, etc. If you had been a fan of them, brace yourselves because they are hitting the market hard!


  • Wristlets

Made super famous in the 90s and 2000s, these bags were theideal accompanist for the proms and weddings. The bags were absolutely adorable and the perfect solution to clutches. You could hang them from your wrist while you danced, or ate. These bags are coming back so gear up.


  • Nylon bags

The Prada first introduced the nylon bags. Theseare ideal partners for a hike or a casual day out when you do not want to step out with a fancy handbag. Like a basic mini bag, they are comfortable and super spacious to carry around. So hit the stores or buy them online sites like diophy bags because the nylon Prada bag will solve all your problems.


If you have a bag fetish, indulging in diophy will get all these gorgeous bags to you to choose from. Fashion is an ever-changing world begging you to keep up with it and flaunt your bags.