Factors that made Moti Feder a successful diamond manufacturer

Moti Ferder, jewelry designer, master craftsman, founder, president and a philanthropist who has started Lungano diamonds in Israel and has opened his first lungano salon in California.  He is the most known name in the diamond and jewelry industry. He has started designing unique pieces of diamond jewelry since his young age. With his experience, knowledge, and creativity, he has started his own diamond firm to give the finest diamond jewelry to the global clients. In these diamond salons, they sell rings, necklaces, cufflinks, and precious stones. The main aim of this company is to give a pleasurable and memorable diamond shopping experience for its clients. Prior to starting his own firm, he has served as a board member of Beckstrand Cancer Foundation and Segerstrom Center for the Arts. In addition to wearing the hat as jewelry designer, he is also a great philanthropist. He is a gemologist and a proficient diamond cutter. He is involved in various operations of the company from testing diamonds, cutting them, distributing, and designing to marketing. Before venturing into diamond industry, he served in Israel Army as Captain.

Here are a few factors that have made Moti Ferder the successfully diamond craftsman and an entrepreneur in the diamond industry

Skill: He started as a diamond cutter, which needs a lot of practice to cut the diamond in a precise shape. People need to give high attention to every minute detail while cutting. He has mastered the art of cutting diamonds and over time has earned proficiency in it.

New design lover: Feder comes up with unique jewelry designs every now. The success of a jewelry business totally relies on designing remarkable jewelry and providing superior quality customer service. He has excelled in both of these which have helped him to bring the renowned diamond manufacturer globally. His creative mind always has hunger to come up with unique design ideas.

Perfectionist: He is a perfectionist. He designs every piece of jewelry with a great perfection keeping in mind that this jewelry will be passed as a legacy to the next generation