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In modern society you will find one thing is that most of the people are suffering from many diseases in their life. With the increasing of technology our life become easy but our working criteria is also increased and it affects to your health. In these days many people are suffering from panic attacks and they want to get rid of panic attacks in their life.Now medical industry is very helpful in giving the best solutions for your panic attacks. There are various medicines come which are helpful in controlling your attacks. Stress is one of the most important reasons for the panic attacks. Taking too much stress in your mind can occur a panic attacks and always keep this thing in your mind.

Symptoms of panic attacks:


how to stop panic attacks


When your fear convert into high extension just because of you are taking too much stress in your mind then you fell many thing which simplify all about the panic attacks and some symptoms are given below:

  • Shortness of breath:

It is the firstsymptoms for panic attacks when you start to take short breath and your BP getting ,low then you can easily understand that you are suffering from the panic attacks in this situation you can do one thing is that hold your breath for a while and release it. Do this thing4 or 5 time then you will find that your heartbeat get normal and you feel comfortable.

  • Chest pain discomfort:

When you chest pain feel discomfort and feel fear then it is a symbol of panic attack and if you want to panic attack solution then you should hold your chest from heart side for a while and release it.

If you have a question in your mind is how to stop panic attacks the n you should consult with your doctor.