Here Are Some Reasons to Publish Through Dove Press

The Dove Medical Press provides open access to their journals. This means that if one gets his or her writings published through them then it will be accessible to all. Anyone can visit the website of Dove Press and download it. This company publishes peer reviewed articles across Science, technology as well as medicines.

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Benefits of publishing your journal through Dove medical Press

  • The biggest advantage of this company is that the chances of your paper getting rejected here is minimal. There are a number of papers received by Dove Press journals each day and there is a lot of space to publish them. They publish all these journals online. It is for this reason that they are able to publish as many papers they want.
  • Anybody can download the paper from the website absolutely free of cost.
  • Most of the journals take a lot of time deciding whether they should or should not publish a particular article. This is in most cases very frustrating for the author. However this is not the case with Dove Press. In fact they are said to have the best turnaround time. The first editorial decision and the peer review are completed within 4-5 weeks.
  • Though the peer review is done very fast but they do not compromise at all with the quality of work. Many authors have felt that the comments of the peer reviewers add a lot of value to their final papers.
  • They also ensure that all the published papers have a “Metrics tab”. One can go through the statistics of this article by clicking on the “Altmetric” icon on the article itself.

Why choose Dove medical press?

Dove Medical Press is one of the best medical publishers. It has free access which makes it convenient for both readers as well as publishers. They also have a very prompt and professional service. It is for this reason that so many writers prefer publishing their article through this company.