How Important Are The Car Mirrors For Driving Safely?

There are many important aspects that should be kept in mind while driving a car. Road accidents are growing every day owing to the carelessness of drivers. Apart from many other things, the different types of mirrors serve a vital role of car vision and road safety.

Basic types of mirrors in a car

There are different types of mirrors that are used for car vision that are as follows –

  • The mirror for driving
  • The side mirrors
  • The mirror for rear view
  • The mirror for front view

car vision

Uses of the different types of mirrors

The mirror for driving –

This mirror is located inside a car above the seat of the driver. This mirror helps the driver to check the vehicles that are behind the car and the driver makes a rough calculation of the distance between his car and the other vehicles which helps in driving.

The side mirrors –

These windows are attached to the front doors of a car. These mirrors need to be functioning properly for the car to get permission to be driven on the road. These mirrors should be clean to provide proper view. This mirror needs to be used along with the driving mirror to enhance safe driving.

The mirror for the rear view –

The flat ended vehicles usually have this mirror. This mirror reflects the image of the vehicles that are in close range to the car on the driving mirror. There are cars that use cameras instead of the rear view mirror, sensors are also used that give alarms when a vehicle comes in close proximity.

The mirror for front view –

These mirrors are similar to rear view mirrors and provide a reflected image of vehicles near to the car which helps in driving. They are used rarely as most of the work is accomplished by the driving and the side mirrors.

To sum up, all these mirrors are essential for good quality of car vision which is in-turn important for safe driving.