My Annual Free Credit Report for all credit taken

A credit report is a record of borrower’s history of credit from sources such as banks, credit card companies, collection agencies and government. A credit score is the result of algorithm added to credit report and future delinquency.

My Annual Free Credit Report requests the user to put in various information such as their name, email address, mobile/phone number and security number. From there the user is sent to another website where they are asked further security questions. The user can get the report by just establishing his/her account with the companies coming forward for this.


Free Credit Report Annual


The www.annualcreditreport.comis the only website legally allowed and federally authorized for credit reports. The federal trade commission warns their users about the imposter websites out there looking for an easy prey.

Background on annual credit report

One of the provisions laid down by fair as well as accurate credit transaction acts (facta) was the fair credit reporting act. The plan is to protect the customer from identity theft and providing them with correct information.

Listed below are the ways that you can protect yourself from identity theft:

  • Using the annual credit report yearly because a yearly check allows you with signs of identity theft early. Identity theft can also be done through stealing of credit card and withdrawing money from it.
  • Do not consider a few unknown credit card offers. It can be a scan to con you into giving your bank details.
  • Fraud alerts can also be put on your report to check for any case of identity theft to let you be familiar with before-hand.
  • It is advisable to use annual credit report from all the three agencies. It is better to be sure than sorry right?
  • Lastly you could buy a shredder to prevent disclosing your number of private documents.