The good and bad news about e-cigaret

The benefits of e-cigaret:

The only thing you can think about benefit of e-væske is its better than regular smoking. Smoking has many adverse effects on your health. It can lead to cancer, problems in lungs, and respiratory problems like breathing problem. It is not only harmful to those who are smoking but also who are near to them. In such case E-cigaretter is far better. It is at least not harmful to people around you as it doesn’t produce any harmful toxic gases. E-cigaretter has battery which hits up the coil which is connected to e-liquid which is heated up to produce vapor. It is the better choice if you are planning to quit and craving for nicotine. It won’t help in sudden quitting but can help you in the process. After that you can plan on ahead about quitting smoking. It’s always better to quit smoking directly that taking any alternatives.



The problem about e-cigaret:

E-cigaretter has become the new social smoking business. People have become more addicted to it. The flavoring agent is also attracting more kids into e-væske.  This may cause many types of health hazards in children. People instead of quitting all together has adapted to this new cigarette replacement nicotine content Roskilde e-juice. Continuous inhalation of vapor into lungs may lead to further respiratory problems.

What you should know

  1. Though e-cigaret doesn’t have many side effects as that of traditional smoking but it’s harmful in its own way. People instead of quitting get involved in another addiction. It is still doubtful if it’s actually helping people quit.
  2. People who are not into smoking should skip using any e-cigaret because they should not be exposed any of the toxins in e-liquid.
  3. It should be banned for children and be available for 18+ age people only.