Website Review of Car Vision – Company Dealing in Used Cars

Car vision is an independently owned business, basically dealing in used cars. This company is based in Norristown, PA and was founded in 2000. From a lot of 20 cars to 50000 cars – Car Vision has come a long way since then. Online marketing is vital part of this business. Thus, designing a website in such a way that it can help in maximizing the sales of the company manifold is of paramount importance. Car Vision has understood this need and designed a website as per the need. Read on to know how this site fares from the point of view of visitors.

Website review of Car Vision:

  • When you will visit the website, you will come across a bright yellow and red combination of well-organized layout. In the top you will find bright red colored search bar in the left corner and contact details and language change option from English to Spanish in right hand corner.
  • Below that you will find big bright logo of CarVision in bright red font and yellow background. Besides that hyperlinks of headings of various pages of the site are spread out evenly.
  • Each heading is nestled with subheadings systematically. For example the heading inventory is will open into subheadings of various brands of cars along with the model names and number of inventory available which makes search easy on just one click of mouse.
  • Below that you will find various models of cars are demonstrated with the highlights of the company following types and brands of cars distinguished as per the pricing under 10K, under 20K and over 20K. This makes search for those customers easy, who know what they want to buy and what their budget is.
  • Next section is for those customers who are not sure about their want and budget. In this section, images of various car models are laid horizontally along with the model name and price of the car. This is useful marketing technique to lure customers.
  • In next few sections they have highlighted main positive points of the company to convince customers that they have come at the right place.
  • Last but not the least, they have published testimonial of happy satisfied customer to make their point.

All in all, the website design of Car vision is apt for any car selling company and can easily lure customers by their innovatively designed website.