Welding- A Hobby or Profession

Ever heard of a metal inert gas welder which is also known as a Mig welder, is basically a type of machine that generates heat from unpreserved electrode and disintegrates together with metal. You may find many varieties in the market but you should be very thorough with your research before you lay your hands on the best budget mig welder.

In this article, we will find out some basic points that should be considered before we buy a good mig welder.

  • Amps or commonly known as amperes should be the first point which has to be considered, you should be aware of the highest and the lowest amount of amps that you would require for a Mig welder and this completely depends on the width of the metal it has to be used on, you can also find some calculators online which can help you in the calculation

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  • If you are new in the welding then let me give you some brief knowledge about the duty series. Because of the power supplied to the Mig welder it overheats, so you need to give some interval for it cool down and before it is used again. We measure duty cycle in percentage, if it is at 60% at 100 amps, it will require a four minute cooling time.
  • Power supply- in a 13-amp outlet one may use 150 amps. If you are using a bigger machine then you would need a dedicated wiring for the usage of the machine. The wiring has to be changed yearly as they are not supposed to be operated over and over again.

When it is about welding and you know you are dealing with high supply of heat you should be very cautious during the usage. You should always wear cotton and welding gloves as this protects you from the molten metal. Also, would suggest you get a gas regulator which helps in the measure of flow and pressure of the heat. Keep the above points in mind and get the best mig welder for the money.