What benefits do you get from holding EPC?

Importance of Energy Performance Certificate

EPC Certificate is important document to be held, before going to sell or rent property.  It gives you energy efficiency property rating from A to G. The EPC once obtained is valid for 10 years, where A rating is most efficient and G is least efficient. It is important to improve your rating of EPC, when you are going to sell your property. Cost might deprecate every day and if you suddenly want to sell it then having an EPC is getting one step closer in the process of selling. Whenever people buy or rent any property, before that they check EPC ratings.

Advantages of holding high value Energy Performance Certificate

Different advantages are there for improving EPC ratings. Some olthem are


  • Will increase the value of the property. In UK, the highest EPC rating is mostly D, which is kind of average and not very great.
  • According to EPC ratings, price will change. If EPC ratings bump up, then ¬†property value also increases.
  • From 2018 onwards, according to the UK law F and G rating will be made invalid.
  • By improving the rating of EPC, one can save money and reduce the running cost. EPC energy cost is usually estimated in every 3 years. Install Zoned system to boost your rating.

EPC is required document to be submitted by landlord or homeowner, whenever the property is going to sold or rented out. Established in 2009 as legal requirements. The buyers will be able to judge a property based on the shared Energy Performance Certificate. Though EPC might appear a tedious and unwanted procedure to be followed, the intention is to make sure that you are concerned about the energy usage and value it both during purchasing and selling properties. Since EPC need not be renewed every year, it is worth the effort.